Reasons Not to Use Pesticides in Your Garden

Starting a garden takes a lot of time and energy, so when pests are discovered eating away at the plants, many look towards pesticides as a solution. But what are pesticides exactly?

Pesticides: What Are They?

Before putting anything into the garden, it is important to know what exactly it is. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Studies, pesticides are defined as “any substance used to kill, repel or control certain forms of animal or plant life considered to be pests.” This includes both herbicides and insecticides.

Unfortunately, pesticides are often more harmful to the environment than they are beneficial.

Harmful Effects to Consider

There are a variety of effects to consider when looking at pesticides. Here are a few:


A large problem with pesticides is that they are typically non-specific. This means they will work on all bugs, including the ones that can help the garden thrive. Additionally, using these chemicals consistently can be harmful to the rivers and streams in the area.

Also, they are known to deter and kill needed insects such as pollinators. And, without pollinators, a garden cannot thrive.

Dead Bee; Pesticides Harm Pollinators
Photo courtesy of Pixabay
A Never-Ending Cycle

Another issue is that, while they can typically help solve one problem, they often create another. The environment is a complicated balancing act. By taking away one pest, it is likely to cause the overpopulation of another in the garden.

For example, if a gardener were to use a pesticide to control the ladybug population, the aphid population in the garden would go unchecked. This imbalance could cause the gardener to buy another pesticide, causing a never-ending cycle that would drain the gardener’s patience as well as their wallets.

Hurtful to More Than Intended

Finally, pesticides can harm more than their intended target. These substances are poisons that can sometimes cause health problems for both pets and humans. If a gardener chooses to use them, make sure to follow the instructions carefully.


Overall, pesticides are known to cause more harm than good. Luckily, there are other, natural ways to deter unwanted pests from the garden. Stay tuned for more information on pest deterring plants!

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