4 Gorgeous Salt-Tolerant Plants to Consider

bee balm; salt-tolerant plants

It can be difficult to garden in areas where salt is more present in the environment. Mostly these are locations close to beaches or even roadside gardens where salt used to melt winter ice would impact the garden’s growth. If gardeners in such locations don’t accurately account for the possibility of salt damage, it could be devastating for the garden.

Annuals vs. Perennials: How to Decide What to Plant

annuals vs perennials

When starting to garden, you’ll notice plants divided into two categories: annuals and perennials. Definitions Annuals Annuals are plants that will live for only one season. Because of this, these plants require replanting each season. However, they have a tendency to have longer blooming seasons. Some common annuals include: Perennials Perennials are plants with a … Read more

2 Gorgeous Plants Native to the West Coast

California Poppy; Flowers native to U.S. West Coast

The western coast of the United States is well-known for sunny skies, low humidity, and warmer temperatures. Because of this, people often associate the west coast with more succulents than ornamental flowers. However, there are quite a few beautiful flowers native to the Pacific Coast. Eschscholzia californica The first western native plant we are looking … Read more