Add Spring-Flowering Bulbs to Your Garden

The colder weather doesn’t mean gardening is over. There are plenty of options for outdoor gardens to continue through the winter season. Spring-flowering bulbs can give gardens a colorful display after a dreary and cold winter. Plus, they have a tendency to return every year.

Not sure what to start with? This article suggests trying the snowdrop and crocus plants.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


Also known as Galanthus, these flowers are tough enough to sprout even in the snow and have a tendency to blossom during the winter weather. These are great additions to woodland gardens and pair well with crocuses.

These dainty plants are also deer resistant, so they’re perfect for the gardener who is constantly fending off deer. However, they do take about a year to fully establish, producing more blooms and thicker patches.

To get the most success with these plants be sure to plant the seeds about 2-3 inches apart, 2-3 inches deep, and in an area that will get partial sunlight. Be sure the plants get a moderate amount of water and wait for them to bloom!


The plants are small, but mighty. With colorful blooms right after a long winter, their color is often a welcome sight. Crocuses will come back every year, multiplying each time to bring more color to the early spring garden.

To have a successful season with crocuses, be sure the plants get full sunlight. The plants need to be planted about 3 inches apart and 3 inches deep. Finally, make sure the plants get a moderate amount of water and be patient. The flowers will bloom between the late winter and early spring seasons for you to enjoy.

For spring-flowering bulbs to do well, be sure to wait until the soil is below 60 degrees F before planting the seeds.

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