Indoor Plants Are More Than Just Decoration

Indoor Gardening
Photo courtesy of GoDaddy

Indoor plants are known for adding a nice touch to any room they rest in. However, science indicates that they are much more than just decorative.

In fact, plants have been shown to positively impact the health of an individual.

From relaxation to better air quality, indoor plants provide many benefits to an individual’s life.

Air Quality Improvement

Many common household items give off pollutants known as volatile organic compounds. These build up in the air and can irritate the skin and eyes and even cause difficulty breathing.

Luckily, plants are great at improving air quality. Household plants tend to absorb these harmful pollutants, improving the air quality throughout the home.

There are some houseplants that are particularly good at this, according to Healthline. These include the spider plant, rubber tree, bamboo palm, and Boston fern.

Improved Focus

A study found that having plants in a workspace helps focus improve. Focus improves as a result of reduced levels of stress and fatigue, allowing for a 15% increase in productivity.

In addition, plants can help regulate humidity and reduce carbon dioxide, helping to keep energy levels high throughout the day.

Plants are Therapeutic

Researchers have found that there is a positive relationship between gardening and an individual’s overall health. Studies suggest that gardening can improve physical, social, and even psychological heath.

These improvements can prevent a variety of health related problems seen throughout society.

In addition, certain plants are known to help relieve anxiety. These plants include lavender, chamomile, peppermint, and many more. Putting these plants throughout the house can lead to more days of less stress.

There are many more ways indoor plants can improve the wellbeing of an individual. Better health makes for a happier and less stressful retirement for senior citizens.

To find more information about the benefits of gardening, as well as tips to help gardens flourish, be sure to keep up with The Senior Security Alliance USA.