Annuals vs. Perennials: How to Decide What to Plant

annuals vs perennials

When starting to garden, you’ll notice plants divided into two categories: annuals and perennials. Definitions Annuals Annuals are plants that will live for only one season. Because of this, these plants require replanting each season. However, they have a tendency to have longer blooming seasons. Some common annuals include: Perennials Perennials are plants with a … Read more

2 Gorgeous Plants Native to the West Coast

California Poppy; Flowers native to U.S. West Coast

The western coast of the United States is well-known for sunny skies, low humidity, and warmer temperatures. Because of this, people often associate the west coast with more succulents than ornamental flowers. However, there are quite a few beautiful flowers native to the Pacific Coast. Eschscholzia californica The first western native plant we are looking … Read more